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real estate

Top 10 Real Estate Loan Tips You Didn’t Know

If you are considering buying a real estate property be it a house, apartment or condo, do not jump in shopping for the property yet, you must first find the best fitting loan for you and get it pre-approved. Investing on a real estate property is a big commitment that…

Understanding 5 Different Types of Singapore Personal Loans

The prevalent economic necessity has caused a rise in the amount of loan products that now exist, and the general population now demand these loan products more than ever before. Whether you are in the money lending business, or you have a quick financial issue that you want to go…
loan tips

How To Get Your Loan Approved By Singapore Lender

Most apply loans in banks. This could be personal, business, car, real estate and cash loan. Their aim is to have their loan application approved so that they can get the money and put it into the intended use. However, the process of approval regardless of loan type is quite…

Basic Tips On Loans And Money Lending In Singapore

Loans are very important. They enable us to accomplish many things that require substantial amount of money. This includes paying college fees, building a house, buying a car and many more. This brings us to the different types of loans. For example: cash loans, business loans, personal loans, real estate…
mortgage tips

Helpful Mortgage Tips for Potential Home Buyers in 2016

Many people don’t know much about getting home loans or rather mortgage loans. Instead, they hear about interest rates dropping low and home prices falling drastically, and they hastily jump into house ownership. However, the process of securing a mortgage loan from money lending institutions differs from renting an apartment…